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Gruppo italo belga endometriosis center

Gruppo italo belga endometriosis center

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  The Gruppo Italo Belga was founded after pioneering and teaching endoscopic surgery in Leuven Belgium, Oxford UK and in

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Prof Koninckx

Rome, Italy. The MKW club provides training and offer a platform for difficult surgery in the Rome Woman Hospital.


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ASRM award of distinguished surgeon

ASRM award of distinguished surgeon

An experienced group with over 3000 deep endometriosis surgeries and over 1000 hysterectomies.


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Hormones and wrinkles

Posmenopausal Hormone replacement and wrinkles

Posmenopausal Hormone replacement therapy decreases wrinkles

Premenstrual syndrome and endometriosis

Endometriosis and sexuality : endometriosis is not the main cause

Endometriosis and sexuality : endometriosis is not the main cause

Patient surgery checklist in gynecology

Patient surgery checklist in gynecology

hysterectomy rules

hysterectomy rules



Quality of surgery is variable

What is quality Surgery ?

  • A correct indication and no unnecessary interventions
  • A skilled surgeon  and collaborations: if the surgery exceeds the skill of the surgeon no surgery should be performed.  For severe endometriosis this means a low number of bowel resections.
  • Laparoscopic surgery is better than open surgery since less pain, shorter hospitalization and smaller incisions.
  • Control of quality needs Video-registration . Videoregistation  with a copy to the patient, is a strong indication that the surgeon feels confident.
  • No complications. The surgeon should know HIS complications as evidenced from publications and presentations.
  • Little pain and few adhesions : this requires a skilled surgeon, a short intervention with little bleeding and conditioning see : EndoSAT NV.

Quality surgery in gynecology

  • Hysterectomy : can always be done by laparoscopy unless the uterus is bigger than 1500 grams.
  • Urinary incontinence : the surgeon should master vaginal (eg TOT) and laparoscopic techniques as promontofixation (level II)
  • Adhesiolysis can be very difficult (level III)
  • Endometriosis varies from superficial lesions (level I) to very difficult deep endometriosis (level III). Ovarian endometriosis is level III since the risk of ovarian damage is high if unskilled
  • Oncologic surgery : will not be discussed

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PainFor more images and causes of pelvic pain

  • Chronic pelvic pain has many causes and needs a correct diagnosis.
  • It is important to understand the pathophysiology of pelvic pain : visceral pain is more sensitive to distension (like a full bladder) than to lesion .
    • Endometriosis is an important cause of pain.
    • Deep endometriosis causes a lot of pain but 5-7% of women are pain-free,
    • cystic endometriosis also causes severe pain but not in 25 %,
    • typical endometriosis is a cause of pain but 50% is pain-free. Important is to realize that pain is not always cycle dependent.
    • Subtle endometriosis and stromatosis or endosalpingiosis are not a cause of pain.
    • Pain in adenomyosis is variable


Fundamental to understand fertility and infertility are MFR (monthly fecundity rate ) and CPR (cumulative pregnancy rate).

MFR (monthly fecundity rate ): is the probability of conception in one month. CPR (cumulative pregnancy rate : is the cumulative probability of conception over the next 6 or 12 months.

A normal couple in Europe will have a nearly 50% of conception the first month (MFR). Since the most fertile will be pregnant the remaining population will be less fertile, and after 1 year of infertility the MFR has dropped to 10%. Yet after 1 year of infertility still 80% of couples will get pregnant spontaneously over the following years after 2 years of infertility the cumulative pregnancy rate drops to 50%.

after 5 years : less than 20% will get pregnant spontaneously.

A major cause of infertility is inadequate surgery with ovarian damage and adhesion formation.

During surgery adhesion formation should be prevented.

Unless severe male infertility, IVF should not be started without a diagnostic laparoscopy. Non invasive techniques as ultrasound and MRI are unable to diagnose adhesions, mild endometriosis etc.

The risks and benefits of hormone therapy in menopause

What is menopause

gynecology endometriosis, laparoscopic surgery, hysterectomy, pelvic floor, prolapse, endometriosis therapy, menopause Menopause is when the ovaries stop to produce female hormones (estrogens and progestagens). Generally around 50 years but as late as 65 and as early as 35 During the transition from a regular cycle to the menopause, ovarian function and menstrual cycles become irregular. After menopause the women has very low levels of estrogens with all consequences. After menopause the ovaries continue to produce androgens as before.

Why women should take hormone replacement therapy

The advantages are

  • on the brain : less flushes, sweats, insomnia and better memory
  • on the support tissue : less wrinkles, less osteoporosis, less pelvic floor descent
  • on the heart and vessels : 50% fewer accidents if taken from the beginning
  • on bowel cancer : 50% less bowel cancers
  • on cancer of the uterus : less cancers
  • on cancer of the breast : no induction of cancers but an acceleration of growth. Thus a better cancer but 7 years earlier

What is hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

gynecology endometriosis, laparoscopic surgery, hysterectomy, pelvic floor, prolapse, endometriosis therapy, menopause Medical therapy has advantages

The intake of hormones as produced before - comparable to reading glasses. The dose varies and they can be given as pills, as a cream or vaginally, with and without menstruation

Why many doctors oppose HRT?

It requires a profound knowledge of endocrinology and pharmacology Afraid to change nature The fear of breast cancer : because of the accelerated growth (of existing cancers), the diagnosis of breast cancer is slightly higher (OR=1.25) which by non-experts is considered more cancers

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