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Where endometriosis patients find surgeons and solutions

The list  on Endozone.org  “Where endometriosis patients find surgeons & solutions”   is misleading and not helpful for patients, at least for Belgium. . First since solutions and surgeons are mixed,  it does not help the patient to find a surgeon.  This is clearly so for Belgium since it lists at least 2 gynecologists,  1  who was forbidden to do surgery now 13 years ago by his institution and 1 who is no longer practicing. Second, the list seems to be self-declared  since I was unable to find the criterions to be listed .   If not self-declared the question arises  who is  responsible for the  listing,  for  inaccuracies and for completeness. The list does not help a patient to find a surgeon, nor his skills or expertise,  since this cannot be identified from the list. Thus the risks are real   of seeing a gynecologist who is not a surgeon and the risk of postponing surgery and getting hormone therapy for a long period, or the risk of having incomplete surgery because of lack of skills for deep endometriosis, or having an unnecessary bowel resection for deep endometriosis instead of a discoid excision.  The latter is a debated topic with many so-called scientific arguments, often ending with the magic word “individualization”. The reality, however, is that some groups almost systematically perform bowel resections while others perform bowel resection in less than 5%. The list – if complete- might be useful if used as suggested before. ‘http://www.gynsurgery.org” –          After identifying a gynecologist the patient should turn to pubmed  (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/)  and enter “ name-of-gynecologist  AND endometriosis”  to have a list of publications. From the...

Belgium faces a problem to perform deep endometriosis surgery without bowel resection.

Belgium faces a problem to perform deep endometriosis surgery without bowel resection. Summary of presentations on 10/9/12 in Ircad Straatsburg, on 12/9/12 as a debate with Prof Keckstein at the yearly ESGE meeting and on 20-9-12 in Brussels when prof Donnez became emeritus. click to start   The full presentations and the article written are listed. History In 1990 I started the surgical resection of deep endometriosis together with Prof em Penninckx ie after our first publication on this subject. In 1995, following a few bowel resections for deep endometriosis we made the practical arrangement that sigmoid-resections would be performed by the bowel surgeons to keep up with the work load and since technically easier. Indeed at that moment the surgeons just started with endoscopic surgery. Around 2000 several hospitals had started deep endometriosis surgery and most of them were performing almost routinely bowel resections. The reason for this was that it was technically easier, that the responsibility was shared with the surgeon. Moreover it should be noticed that reimbursement of a bowel resection is at least 5 times higher than for a discoid excision. As a result, Prod konincks (KULeuven) and Prof Donnez (UCL) in Belgium, and a few groups in the US (eg Charles Koh Milwaukee, Camran Nezhat Atlanta, David Redwine Oregon) ) became an absolute minority. From 2005 onwards more data became available and it became clear that a bowel resection can be avoided, that the results of a bowel resection are not superior, while low bowel resections are associated. This trend is obvious in the presentation of Prof Arnaud Wattiez (Staatsburg) and Prof Paulo Ribeiro...

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