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Endometriosis symptoms checklist

endometriosis check-list

endometriosis check-list

Aim is a simple symptoms check-list to answer the following questions

  • when should I look for help ?
  • which is the probability of typical-cystic-deep endometriosis with my symptoms ?
  • when to doubt/correct my GP or gynecologist and ask for a second opinion ?

Endometriosis might be present

  1. = diagnosis required depending on the severity of symptoms
  2. diagnosis= laparoscopy for cystic ovarian endometriosis
  3. diagnosis is laparoscopy for superficial and deep endometriosis
  • No complaints : typical lesions in 5%, occasionally cystic and deep
  • Only dysmenorrhea
    • If severe : typical in 50%
    • if very severe : cystic in 10% ; deep in 5%
  • Chronic pelvic pain
    • If severe ; typical in 50% , cystic ovarian in 10%
    • if very severe : cystic ovarian 15% ; deep 5 %
    • however many other causes that can cause chronic pelvic pain have to be ruled out
  • Only infertility
    • typical lesion will be found in 50%

Diagnosis for endometriosis required

  • Radiation of pain to the anterior-inside of the upper leg = ovarian pain
  • perineal pain radiation is pathognomonic for deep endometriosis
  • dyschesia during menstruation and/or diarrea during menstruation suggests deep endometriosis
  • dysuria at the end of micturition can suggest deep endometriosis of the bladder

Common mistakes

  • A normal clinical exam or ultrasound or MRI does not rule out even severe endometriosis
  • Menorrhagia or menstrual disturbances might be present in endometriosis, but do not suggest endometriosis
  • Medical therapy for endometriosis without a diagnosis unless for a short period of time


  • A laparoscopy unfortunately is invasive : therefore the indication is finally made by a clinician with experience.
    • this reflects the questions before an endometriosis visit http://www.gynsurgery.org/endometriosis-consultation/this
  • Those who want to avoid a laparoscopy at all price , cause a delay in diagnosis and possibly more severe symptoms
  • this should prevent the delay in diagnosis which is often too long
  • for images see http://www.gynsurgery.org/endometriosis-consultation/




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