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Homone replacement therapy and beauty centers.

Beauty centers and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in menopause.

Treating half a face is the easiest way to investigate and demonstrates efficacy of therapies

Treating half a face is the easiest way to investigate and demonstrates efficacy of therapies

Beauty Center research

    This picture reminds me of dream I had once upon a time. In 1981 I started at KULeuven, Belgium the first menopause clinic on the continent (John Studd was first in Europe). Next I visited many beauty centers in Belgium with the questions “What are you doing – Why – which results ? ”.  Becoming convinced that the total approach is effective, but that it was not that clear which factors or combinations are most effective I tried to set-up trials. Treating half a face would permit to investigate products and combinations in detail.
    Unfortunately I failed to find the necessary partners to do this and it could not be done at the university. For some time I dreamed of setting up a menopause clinic in association with a beauty center outside the university. Then I became a surgeon and stayed at the university.

Today some skin effects of Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are clearly established

  1. HRT prevent the development of wrinkles. This is solidly demonstrated. It is not clear however if HRT decreases existing wrinkles.
  2. HRT maintains and/or increases subcutaneous collagen thickness and this parallels bone density. Whether this skin effect is an estrogen or an androgen effect  is less clear. In the absence of research, only clinical experience has generated impression about which type and dose of estrogens, which progestogens, progestogens with a slight androgenic side effect or androgen precursors as DHEA or real androgens. What is also not that well known is that androgen and estrogen concentrations in women with ovaries are similar.
  3. Women with HRT look younger than women without. The best indirect data I have come from comments bythe nurses in our hospital :”We see who is coming for the menopause clinic before asking. They look younger than their age” (which was obvious from the hospital record number)

Different worlds

    The worlds of research based menopause clinics and beauty centers still need to be brought together.

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