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Gynecology information by Prof Philippe Koninckx and Prof essa Anastasia Ussia

Not just an opinion


Information based on over 300 personal publication, over 300 presentation and 40 years of experience


How to judge Information in gynecology

  • It should be clear what is demonstrated or evidence based 
  • however the majority of information is not evidence based
  •  therefore the source of information is important (publications, presentations etc)

Who are we ?

Gruppo italo belga drssa ussia

Prof ssa Ussia

Gruppo italo belga Prof Koninckx

Prof Koninckx

  The Gruppo Italo Belga was founded after pioneering and teaching endoscopic surgery in Leuven Belgium, Oxford UK and in Rome, Italy. The MKW club provides training and offers a platform for difficult surgery in the Rome Woman Hospital.

Rome Woman Hospital

endometriosis center


ASRM award of distinguished surgeon

ASRM award of distinguished surgeon

Our publications

An experienced group with over 3000 deep endometriosis surgeries and over 1000 hysterectomies.






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Treatment : surgery or medication


First a diagnosis then a therapy









MenopauseMenopause is when the ovaries stop to produce female hormones (estrogens and progestagens). During the transition from a regular cycle to the menopause, ovarian function and menstrual cycles become irregular. After menopause the women has very low levels of estrogens with all consequences. After menopause the ovaries continue to produce androgens as before.
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is taking hormones as produced before menopause. HRT is thus comparable to reading glasses with age.

HRT requires individualisation, which needs a profound knowledge of endocrinology. 

The many advantages of Hormone replacement therapy comprise the brain (less flushes, sweats, insomnia and better memory),  the support tissue (less wrinkles, less osteoporosis, less pelvic floor descent),  the heart and vessels (50% less accidents if taken from the beginning),  50% less bowel cancers, less cancers of the uterus.  : less cancers. There is not evidence that HRT cause breast cancer, but xxisting breast cancers grow faster with an earlier diagnosis  which  is often erroneously  considered more cancers by non-experts.



Pelvic pain


advanced laparoscopic Surgery


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