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Patient information gynecology

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Patient information gynecology

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The Gruppo Italo Belga started after pioneering and teaching endoscopic surgery in Leuven Belgium, Oxford UK and Rome, Italy.

Patient information gynecology

The MKW club offers training and a platform for difficult surgery in the Rome Woman Hospital.


Patient information gynecology

ASRM award

An experienced group with over 3000 deep endometriosis surgeries and over 1000 hysterectomies.

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Menopause therapy

patient gynecology informationMenopause starts when the ovaries stop to produce estrogens. However, after menopause the ovaries continue to produce androgens.

patient gynecology informationHormone replacement therapy (HRT) is replacing the lacking hormones , similar to glasses which when necessary to read.

HRT requires individualisation, and a solid knowledge of endocrinology. 

HRT has  many advantages on the brain,  support tissue, heart and vessels, and decreases bowel cancers by 50% and cancers of the uterus. HRT does not cause breast cancer, but existing breast cancers grow faster with an earlier diagnosis. This can be erroneously  considered more cancers by non-experts. read recent review



Pelvic pain


advanced laparoscopic Surgery


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