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Experience is important for diagnosis and treatment, especially for endometriosis. 



Sexuality is important for hormone replacement therapy in menopause and for surgery for endometriosis.

Hormone replacement therapy needs to be individualised. 

How reliable is ultrasound for the diagnosis of deep endometriosis?

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Patient information gynecology

The Gruppo Italo Belga organises difficult surgery in Rome Woman Hospital. After teaching endoscopic surgery in Leuven, Oxford and Rome, we continue training with the MKW club.

Patient information gynecology


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Patient information gynecology

>3000 deep endometriosis surgeries and over 1000 hysterectomies.

>250 publications


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Either Evidence-based, i.e. published trial evidence

Or experience-based evidence: read our 2017 article and our 2022 article
and the recent publications

Non-published and peer-reviewed information is the responsibility of the author and can only be judged by the credibility of the author. Info on websites lay press etc., might be biased and wrong.


patient gynecology informationWe started the first menopause clinic on the continent in 1981.

Menopause starts when the ovaries stop to ovulate and producing estrogens.

patient gynecology informationHormone replacement therapy (HRT) replaces hormones like glasses help to read.

HRT requires individualisation, based on knowledge of endocrinology. 

HRT has many advantages on the brain,  support tissue, heart and vessels, and decreases bowel (50%) and uterus cancers. HRT does not cause breast cancer, but existing breast cancers grow faster with an earlier diagnosis and lower morbidity. This is often erroneously considered as more cancers. Read recent review



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