If you were told you have endometriosis

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Without a laparoscopy

If laparoscopy is planned, then check the planning

although many surgeons continue to use stents in all women with deep endo.

  • Check the expertise of the surgeon and his percentage of bowel resections. Bowel resection are rarely needed  (<5%) and should be decided during surgery. .

If surgery was not performed during laparoscopy

  • This should have been agreed in the informed consent to prevent medicolegal problems
  • Check the photo’s or video to ascertain what  has been checked: e.g. the appendix, the sigmoid and diaphragm. Without video-registration it will remain unclear.

If surgery was performed,  you should

  • check video registration to know
    • which type of intervention you had
    • was the excision complete or incomplete.
    • complications?
    • duration of surgery?

Medical treatment was given without a laparoscopy

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