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Prof Anastasia Ussia
Prof Philippe Koninckx


Italy : Prof ssa A. Ussia and Prof PR Koninckx

Outpatients and surgery

  • Villa del Rosario : Via Flaminia Vecchia, Roma
  • Appointment :
      •      +39 348 8506222
      •      Gineva  +39 06 33010245
  • Studio Privato presso Laboratorio Morrone Centro Ricerche per appuntamenti chiamare segret. sigra Rossella 328 9630230

Belgium :  Prof P.R. Koninckx


Koning Leopold I straat 45 3000 Leuven 

Tuesday am and Wednesday pm

Appointment Tel : 016 462796 email :

Video consultations

  • For SKYPE send an invitation to Koninckx Philippe (SKYPE name : pkoninckx1)
  • Transfer 100 € to OLS. IBAN: BE76 7350 1334 8295  Swift: KREDBEBB at KBC bank Leuven Belgium
  • send an email to pkoninckx@gmail
    • with confirmation of transfer for a video-SKYPE or Whatsapp consultation
    • with the necessary documents of your medical record.
    • the degree of urgency and some of your available moments in the near future
  • you will receive a proposal for a video outpatient consultation soon thereafter (if no answer within 48 hours : resend or phone to get confirmation that the message did arrive)

International patients

Convention with River Chateau, in the front of the hospital

The medical symptoms and exams can be discussed by email or during a video-Skype/Whatsapp consultation. This permits a one stop visit to Rome where

  • An outpatient visit with a clinical and ultrasound exam and eventual additional exams is performed in Villa del Rosario in Rome.
  • If surgery is indicated this can be performed 1 or 2 days later.

In Rome your stay is suggested to be a combination of River Chateau accommodation (in the front of the hospital, postop visits can be organised)and the hospital stay. A recovery of a week is recommended before flying home.

We can organise transport and accommodation in Rome and an eventual recovery in a nice place.

Prof Dr em Koninckx Philippe


  • 1991 Full Professor OBGYN Catholic University Leuven Belgium
  • 1996 Visiting Professor en Honorary consultant, University Oxford , Oxford, England
  • 2004 Visiting Professor , Università del Sacro Cuore, Roma, Italy
  • 2009 Honorary Professor, State University, Moscow, Russia
  • Honorary Fellow of the AGES (1992 Australian gynecologic endoscopy society), founding member of the Japanese endometriosis society (1998), of the SEGI (2002 Italian gyn endosc soc) and founding member of the Indonesian Endoscopy society (2004)

A Surgeon

Prof koninckx : price at ASRM 2004

Prof koninckx : price at ASRM 2004

  • Received the ASRM distinguished surgeon award for Endoscopic surgery and endometriosis :.
  • A pioneer and all round endoscopic surgeon, who performed in Belgium the first laparoscopic hysterectomies, cholecystectomies, and pelvic floor surgery, and developed subsequently deep endometriosis surgery and how to prevent bowel resections.
  • A promotor of transparant surgery with mandatory videoregistration

An Endocrinologist as first specialisation

Started HRT and the first menopause clinic on the continent in Leuven in 1981

A Researcher with as main topics

  • Endocrinology and Menopause
  • Endometriosis
  • prevention of postoperative Adhesion formation

Guidelines for quality Control in Surgery

  • Ask the personal experience of the surgeon for the intervention planned for you
  • Ask The personal results of the surgeon, not those of the literature
  • Will the surgery be completely video-recorded and will you get a copy. Overall only the more experienced surgeons do this.
  • Publications and presentations of the surgeon
    peer reviewed articles

Professor Dr Anastasia Ussia


Prof Dr Ussia Anastasia

Prof Dr Ussia Anastasia

Drssa Ussia is the coordinator of the Gruppo Italo Belga in Italy.

  • 1985-2008 Head of department OBGYN, Villa Giose, Crotone
  • 2000 coordinator of the Gruppo Italo Belga in Italy
  • 2009 Honorary Professor, State University, Moscow, Russia


  • Via Capocolonna, 88900 Crotone Italy
  • Tel +39 348 8506 222


  • 1967 1972 Liceo classico Pitagora Crotone Italy Diploma di Maturita classica Pitagora Liceum, vote 60/60
  • University school of Medicine in Bologna University 1978 Medicine graduated with 110 cum laude/110 great distinction and publication of the thesis.
  • 1978/1981 Resident in Ob/Gyn department of Padova University Italy 1981/1982
  • Resident in Ob/Gyn department of Mass General Hospital of Boston Mass USA
  • Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Padova University Italy


  • Intensive advanced course in laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Arizona with Dr Harry Reich Performed, the first total laparoscopic hysterectomy in Italy in 1992
  • Participated since 1992 in numerous International laparoscopic Congresses and courses as a speaker and/or instructor e.g. 1997
  • Instructor and speaker in the AAGL pre-congress in advanced laparoscopic course on Endometriosis.
  • 1998 Instructor in advanced laparoscopic course of University of Leuven Belgium 1995 -2003
  • every year as invited speaker, chairman and surgeon in the International Russian Congress of Endoscopy in Moscow
  • 2000 July : participated to the first International Indonesian Endoscopic Congress and co-founded with prof. Koninckx the Indonesian Laparoscopy Society.
  • Extensive experience in live laparoscopic Surgery in many hospitals in Italy and other countries with prof. Philippe Koninckx, Prof Arnaud Wattiez, Dr H. Reich, Dr Tm Lyons


[Honors Israeli endoscopy society 1996 Founding of the one kilo club in Chicago

0″]Honorary Prof Moscow Honors Crotone Italy

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