Presentations at the ESGE meeting , the Rome meeting and at the workshop on endometriosis in Strassbourg 14-9-2009.


In order to avoid unnecessary resections

That a resection was not necessary becomes clear only after surgery eg when by pathology no endometriosis is found. Also when endometriosis  is found only outside the bowel muscle. This unfortunately is reported in up to 25% of bowel resections.

In addition section margins after resection are not endometriosis free in 8%

To avoid the severe long term complications of a bowel resections

Life long bowel disturbances in 30% d, bladder problems in 30% and sexual dysfunction in  40% eg anorgasmia

moreover technically it is not necesssary if the surgeon has the skills

With as criterium a stenosis of more than 50% over more than 3 cm I performed over the last 20 years in over 2000 deep endometriosis surgeries less than  1% resections of the rectum and only 10 resections of the sigmoid.


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