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gynecologist and  patients with medico-legal problems

Did the surgeon or gynaecologist do something wrong ?  by mistake or negligence ?

Is there harm to the patient

Is there a relationship between both?

Was the informed consent ok?

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ideal to judge is a videoregistration 


  • Without video-registration of surgery
    • it is impossible to judge acceptable complications or mistakes, difficulty of surgery and decisions during surgery
  • Video-registration
    • signals a more confident surgeon
    • should be mandatory for reimbursement

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Which information is given

  • all alternative treatments ? e.g. the advantages of a laparoscopy if the surgeon only performs laparotomies; or an avoidable bowel resection
  • what will happen when unexpected findings occur e.g. an unexpected deep endometriosis, an intervention that is too difficult for the skills of the surgeon
  • The information of the literature or personal experience and results ?

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Guidelines and EBM



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