Beauty centers and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopause.

Posmenopausal Hormone replacement and wrinkles

Posmenopausal Hormone replacement and wrinkles
Postmenopausal Hormone replacement prevents wrinkles

Beauty Center research

    1. This picture reminds me of my past. In 1981 I started at KULeuven, Belgium the first menopause clinic on the continent (soon after John Studd in London). Because of the close link with wrinkles and beauty I visited many beauty centres in Belgium with the questions “What are you doing – Why – which results ? ”.   I became convinced that the approach is effective. However, it was not clear which factors or combinations are most effective.  I failed to set-up trials, treating half a face.
      For some time I dreamed of setting up a menopause clinic in association with a beauty centre outside the university. Then I became a surgeon and stayed at the university, but HRT remains one of my interests.

Skin-beauty effects of Hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

  1. HRT slows down the development of wrinkles. It is not clear whether HRT decreases existing wrinkles.
  2. HRT maintains and/or increases subcutaneous collagen in parallel with bone density. In the absence of specific research, only clinical experience generated information about the effects of different types and doses of estrogens, of progestogens, of androgen precursors as DHEA and of real androgens. What is also not that well known is that androgen and estrogen concentrations in women with ovaries are similar.
  3. Women with HRT look younger than women without hormone replacement therapy . The best indirect data I have come from comments bythe nurses in our hospital :”We see who is coming for the menopause clinic before asking. They look younger than their age” (which they knew from the hospital record number)
  4. She feels ok and it shows

The problem is similar to endometriosis: different types of specialists

Different menopause specialists

  1. most only treats complaints
    1. his is erroneously called “prudent”
    2. a little better is not very good.
    3. the real reason is fear of hormones because of limited expertise
  2. Some treat/prevent a decrease in bone density - the bone doctors
    1. often vitamin d and calcium are given
    2. hormones are second choice
  3. The oncologist fuel the fear of breast cancer
    1. It is irrational like children who are afraid in the dark
    2. Is a mis-interpration of faster growth as more cancers
  4. Brain effects remain largely unexplored (also in contraception)
    1. little interest
    2. easier to give anti-depressiva or send to the psychiatrist

Physicians who consider all effects is rare

  1. + brain effects and feel better
  2. + cardiovascular effects
  3. + less bowel cancer
  4. + less wrinkles and look younger
  5. + better sexuality
  6. live longer

If I could manipulate the future.

  1. Menopause clinics and beauty centers should collaborate
  2. Menopause specialist should understand beauty centers
  3. Make women happy with an individualized approach.
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