A patients asked : “How can I as a patient judge a gynaecologist who claims to be a specialist in endometriosis”.
Answer :

First,  check the literature and/or check the web by entering endometriosis AND the name of the gynaecologist

Although it is difficult to judge the quality of individual articles, the rule of thumb is that  all real specialists in endometriosis somehow are reflected in the literature or on the web as authors or as speakers at congresses. This is even more true for older gynaecologists.  This however does not exclude that some younger gynaecologists can be excellent, although not yet having visibility , or that somebody can be an excellent surgeon but without publications in endometriosis.

Second, this search of literature and web  will show clearly what the main publishing topic of the gynaecologist is, on which subjects he is giving lectures, and eventually that he is performing live surgery during professional meetings. This also will delineate those who are in favor of bowel resections and those who prefer to avoid this.


Third, if you want to be treated by laparoscopy, double check what type of surgery  the gynaecologist does by laparoscopy  .

Below are listed  alphabetically gynaecologists, all well known  in the field of endometriosis, with their specific interests as appears from the literature and the web.

Gynaecologists that do not operate  severe or deep endometriosis by laparoscopy . Most of them have a strong profile in medical therapy or basic research….
In Europe : Thomas D’Hooghe (Leuven ), Hans Evers (Maastricht), Stephen Kennedy (Oxford), Paulo Vigano (Milano).

In the USA : Bulun (Chicago), Olive, Schenken, Taylor etc
Endometriosis surgeons who  promote and perform almost systematically a bowel resection for deep endometriosis .

Maurizio Abrao (Sao Paulo), Jeorg Keckstein (Villach), Christel Meuleman (Leuven), Luca Minelli (Verona), Valentino Remorgida (Torino),

Endometriosis specialists with an  unclear profile as a surgeon (bowel resections or laparotomies) for deep endometriosis.
Charles Chapron (Paris), Dan Martin (USA), Paolo vercellini (Milan)
Endometriosis specialist that are opposed to a systematic bowel resection and prefer to do a discoid resection.
Carlo De Cicco (Roma), Jacques Donnez (UCL), Philippe Koninckx (Leuven), Enda McVeigh (Oxford), Alfonso Rossetti (Roma), Antonio Setubal (Lisboa), Ornella Sizzi (Roma),  Anastasia Ussia (Roma), Arnaud Wattiez (Strassbourg).

If anyone  has a different opinion or feels forgotten  or want this list to be updated, please react to this blog and the answer will be published.

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